Line Interactive UPS Vs Online UPS – Complete Overview

UPS is referred to as the prime power asset for places that have sudden power cuts. The system is not only limited to battery backups but is also capable to regulate voltage levels and protect the hardware devices from power surges.

What Is Line Interactive UPS?

Line Interactive UPS can provide power backup for a few minutes to telecommunication centers, computer services, and other places. This type of UPS also protects against voltage fluctuations. It has an in-built voltage stabilizer that regulates the level of voltage and prevents the devices from damage.

An inverter is used to deliver power to the connected devices in a Line Interactive system. As long as the power flows in the main system, the inverter delivers it to the output along with charging the battery. And as in when the power flow is disrupted or stopped in the main system, the electricity stored in the battery is delivered to the output.

What Is Online UPS?

An online UPS is a bit different than a line UPS. The online UPS does not have a separate power transfer switch as the batteries are always connected to the inverter. When a sudden power cut occurs, the rectifiers drop off and the batteries keep the system going. As soon as the power begins to flow again the rectifier starts working and charges the batteries as well supplies the electricity to the connected devices.

Line Interactive UPS Vs Online UPS

  • Online UPS is better for areas where there are frequent power cuts or for power-sensitive devices. An online UPS keeps the work on even when the circuit breaks and the power flow stops. It now comes for devices using up to 500w energy.
  • Initially, the Online UPS setup might cost more but the durability of the batteries makes it more cost-efficient.
  • The sensitivity of data and devices is another determining factor. The online UPS offers greater protection and acts as a shield for devices. If the requirement is to safeguard as well as maintain the energy backup, then an Online UPS is the better option.

Both UPS have their features but what will be best suited for you can be determined by a proper assessment of what is the power environment, does the protection of data and devices matters to you, the financial investment you want to make, etc.

It is always better to change with time and switch to better technology. So, Online UPS is a much better, safer, and more durable option as compared to the line interactive UPS.