Exploring GeeBee Education’s New year’s 1st Study Abroad Fair in 2024


International exposure has been a distinguishing ambition for many students in the ever-changing world of education. GeeBee Education proudly offers the Study Abroad Fair 2024 in Kochi to meet this rising need and provide a complete platform. This historic event will change education for kids seeking global chances.

First to Facilitate Global Education Journeys

Overseas education pioneer GeeBee Education has guided numerous students to further education abroad. The institution’s dedication to quality and track record make it a valued partner in academic success. GeeBee Education’s Study Abroad Fair shows their commitment to supporting educational aspirations and easing foreign education transitions.

Overview of 2024 Study Abroad Fair:

The Study Abroad Fair is an immersive experience that connects students with representatives from top overseas universities and educational institutions. This expo is set to draw students from Kochi, Trivandrum, and nearby districts in 2024, establishing its standing as a major academic event.

Kochi: Educational Excellence Hub

Kochi, rich in culture, is becoming a center for education. Due to its convenient Kochi location, the Study Abroad Fair attracts students from around Kerala to explore worldwide education opportunities.

Through the Overseas Education Expo 2024:

Contact Details  – +91-7356155333


Here first know the study abroad fair dates –

in Kochi – 12th January, Friday


in Trivandrum – 13th January, Saturday


The Kochi Study Abroad Fair by GeeBee Education in 2024 becomes an Overseas Education Expo. This Expo showcases options for aspiring students and offers a worldwide education viewpoint.

Representatives from top universities, vocational institutions, and language schools are at the Overseas Education Expo 2024. These skilled specialists are ready to guide attending students through a variety of programs that meet their individual goals.

Students may meet representatives from these universities and learn about academic programs, campus life, and opportunities at the Expo. The participating institutions provide a diverse range of courses, from conventional academics to cutting-edge vocational and language programs.

From business and technology to arts and sciences, the Expo offers several educational opportunities. Specialized vocational training and language proficiency upgrading programs are targeted to professional ambitions and personal interests.

The Overseas Education Expo 2024 is a worldwide education hub where students may explore, question, and imagine their education. Aspiring students are connected to innovative and top academic institutions.

The Expo is not merely an extension of the Study Abroad Fair, but a key component, providing a kaleidoscopic perspective of the wide prospects for those who dream abroad. It represents global learning and is a must-attend event for Kochi and Trivandrum students who want to study abroad.

Highlights of the Study Abroad Fair:


GeeBee Education’s experienced counselors will answer questions about courses, admissions, and complicated visa requirements.
Interactive Illumination: Learn about academic programs, college life, and lucrative scholarship options in fascinating meetings with institution personnel.
special Scholarships: The Study Abroad Fair offers special scholarships to help students afford abroad study.

Weblink for Smooth Exploration:

Visit GeeBee Education’s website, Study Abroad Fair in Kochi, for a complete agenda and to reserve your position at this revolutionary event.

Journey Through Education: Trivandrum Study Abroad Fair:

Study Abroad Fair in Trivandrum, acknowledging students’ educational goals in the capital city. The Trivandrum event parallels its Kochi counterpart, ensuring that Kerala students have equal access to worldwide academic opportunities.

In conclusion:

GeeBee Education’s Study Abroad Fair is more than an event—it guides students toward a global future. This fair offers world-class education to high school graduates and working professionals seeking skill enhancement. Register today for the Study Abroad Fair 2024 to change your academic future and become more global.