Tips for Choosing Wedding Photography and Videography

A wedding is a tornado of activity, which is why one component of wedding photography should be considered: videography.

By having professional wedding photographers like Marc Shaw Photography & Films capture your unique day on film, you will be able to relax when all of the excitement has passed and relive your special day.

A wedding movie will show you everything that happened while you and your new husband were being the perfect hosts to a reception hall full of guests.

Many couples select a wedding photography studio that offers wedding photography and videography as a package deal. It is frequently considerably more cost-effective to purchase both pieces as part of a bundle rather than separately.

You must, however, ensure that the studio’s videographers are knowledgeable and skilled in the particular medium of film. In an attempt to capitalise on the videography business, several less-reputable studios have simply placed camcorders in the hands of staff photographers.

When choosing a videographer, it is critical to look at examples of his or her previous work. Wedding photography videography is not easy, as anyone who has captured a video of a vacation or children at play knows.

Professional-grade video requires exceptional talent and expertise. Viewing the videographer’s work will also provide you with an idea of his or her overall style as well as the elements on which the videographer chooses to focus.

Interview prospective wedding videographers with the same care that you would prospective professional wedding photographers. A list of recommended questions is provided below. You may have more questions based on your specific situation.

1. Will you be the official videographer for my wedding?

Some studios, like photographers, have in-house videographers. You want to meet the individual who will be filming your wedding.

A related question is if the sample video you’re watching was shot using the same equipment that will be utilized.

2. What additional fees might one incur?

Discuss available packages and any extras you may require. Negotiate all fees, including those you believe, will not apply, such as overtime.

Try to persuade the videographer to include specific extras in the package pricing. Affordable wedding photography/videography is available, but cautious negotiations may be required.