The Yeezy Brand: Some Lesser-Known Facts!

The Yeezy brand has been making headlines for the past decade. It has some of the best footwear collections, ideal for runners, gym goers, professional athletes, and many more. The brand became well-known across the globe, and many celebrities wore them during performances, public events, or just casually.

The Yeezy Desert Sage is the most-popular sneaker among all the others. The footwear gained a lot of recognition for being extremely comfortable, having a soft inner sole, and will prevent the wearer from tripping or falling over. But there are some interesting facts that many people don’t know about the Yeezy brand. You will learn about it through this article.

Interesting Facts about the Yeezy Brand 

There are some unique facts about Yeezy that you have never heard. So, let’s find out what they are through this section:

  1. Yeezy was Founded by Kanye West 

The legendary rapper, record producer, and ex-husband of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, is the founder and owner of the Yeezy brand. It was launched in the early 2000s along with his clothing brand and quickly became a hot topic in the market.

It didn’t take much time for the brand to gain much more popularity as A-listers were seen wearing the shoes, especially the Yeezy Desert Sage, on many occasions or events. The brand became one of the leading names in the footwear market, and it’s still sitting at the top, despite so many controversies.

  1. The First Pair of Yeezy Shoes Was Launched in 2006

Although Yeezy was known as a line under Adidas but carried some history with other brands. Kanye West designed and launched the first Yeezy shoe back in 2006 for Adidas. But the footwear was kept from the public. Kanye’s first-ever and most popular collaboration was with the Japanese clothing brand known as BAPE.

He created the “Bapesta College Dropout” shoes back in 2007, and right after that, West collaborated with Nike in 2009. He designed 3 pairs of shoes for Nike, which are Air Yeezy 1, Air Yeezy 2 2012, and Air Yeezy 2 2014. After the contract with Nike ended in 2013, Kanye West started to take with Adidas and decided on a long-term collaboration to produce and work with Yeezy.

  1. Yeezy Has a Line of Apparel 

Even though the brand is well-known for its shoes, like Yeezy Desert Sage and Yeezy Boost 350, originally, Kanye planned it to be a clothing line. Once his collaboration with Adidas came into effect back in 2014, Yeezy released a diverse range of apparel apart from shoes. This eponymous clothing was introduced back in 2015 along with Adidas’s season 1 release.

This particular clothing line-up contained shirts, slides, slippers, jackets, women’s shoes, socks, and sweatpants. Even though the shoes were sold off way too quickly, the clothes didn’t make the cut. This made Adidas drop its clothing line in 2018 and keep its focus on footwear.

Besides that, Kanye [Currently known as Ye] was also planning to launch a clothing line with Louis Vuitton, but that never materialized.

One Last Thought

Yeezy has some of the most-finest collections of footwear. Every shoe is unique as it carries interesting shades, styles, and patterns. You can easily purchase it from the official store of Adidas online and the physical store. Be sure to check the price right before you make the purchase.