Some of the Best Things that You Can Do in Japan & Places to Visit:


One of the best ways in which Japan can be described is that it is a knapsack which is full of surprises and every kind of traveller can enjoy the same. Another thing which you will be thankful for when you visit Japan is the thousands of shrines and temples, including beautiful gardens and palaces, the remarkable mountains and some of Japan’s major places of appeal. Japan not only has technological wonders but also has some of the best places to visit that have been highlighted on the map. Plus, exploring each of these places in Japan is worth your every moment and dime. So, if you have never thought of visiting Japan, then it’s time for you to visit the place and experience its wonders.

Best Time to Visit Japan-

Once you visit Japan, you will be impressed by the best destinations that will give you a mesmerising feeling. You will also get to know about the rich culture of Japan and can explore a lot during your trip. One of the best places to visit in Japan is the cherry blossom tours Japan. Another thing is that the best time to visit Japan will be from the month of March to May, i.e., during the late spring. If you want, you can plan to visit Japan during the late autumn too. That will be in the months from September to November, where you can get the best experience. During those times, the temperature is absolutely mild and there are very few rain showers here in Japan.

Travel to Tokyo-

Besides that, the best city in Japan that echoes the colours of Japan is Tokyo. Another point that you should note about Japan is that there are infinite places to visit in Japan, and so, if you think that one trip is enough, let me tell you that you may want to see more of it and one trip is not enough. On your itinerary, one of the best spots should be Tokyo. You will be amazed by the anime culture and the top-class attractions. If you don’t get impressed by the historical sites, then there is a great culinary scene that you would not want to miss. Some of the top tourist attractions in Japan are Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Disneyland, and Tokyo Disney Sea.

Best Places to Stay and Food to Eat-

Some of the best things that you can do are: spend the night near Tokyo Tower in Japan, or you can even go shopping in Odaiba, and then there is the grandeur of Meiji Shrine that you can check out. Apart from that, some of the good places where you can stay are Guest House Trace, Manga Art Hotel, and Khaosan Tokyo Samurai. Then, some of the places where you can eat sumptuous food are Tapas Molecular Bar, Ise Sueyoshi, or Sometar. It is very easy to reach Tokyo. There are good connected places through airways to many places around the globe. Several airlines from different parts of the world, including India, connect with Narita Airport.

Sacred Kyoto-

Plus, when you are visiting Japan, of all of the places that you visit, don’t forget to visit the sacred city of Japan, i.e., Kyoto. It is one of the top destinations to visit, whether you are visiting Japan in the spring or you are vacationing with your family and partner. You can visit the iconic shrines, temples, palaces, and gardens, and most importantly, the bamboo forest, which you don’t want to miss. Some of the top places to visit are Kyoto Imperial Palace, Philosopher’s Walk, and Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine. You can also check out the Kiyomizu Temple and do an exploration of the Nijo Castle.