Smile Confidently: Here Are Different Dentures That Will Help

A sweet smile can change your day. It is the only accessory that needs no hard work to wear on the body. Just imagine you for a perfect smile while going on your job. It will give you positive energy the entire day ahead. Dentures (ฟันปลอม– which is the term in Thai) can help you to get that perfect smile on your body. If you have any problem with your smile or feel your oral health is not good, you can meet a professional and discuss it. Believe it or not, dentures can do wonders you can never imagine.

There are various myths about dentures. But the fact is that dentures will make your life more straightforward rather than more complicated. There are multiple types of dentures available. Your dentist will check your current phase of the mouth and then decide which type of dentures will suit you.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth that look similar to our natural teeth. The prosthodontics that are dentist experts in this area ensure that your new teeth improve your everyday look. With his expertise, he will fit the new tooth in your mouth such that no one will realize your synthetic tooth. One of the essential benefits of using dentures is that they can improve your jawline. It will help you more confidently. Professional dentists also fill the gaps between your teeth so that your face looks more beautiful than earlier. He will also ensure that your natural look will stay the same.

What Are The Different Dentures?

Various factors depend on which doctor will prescribe you the suitable denture. There are two main types of dentures.

The first is fixed or permanent dentures, and the second is temporary or removable ones.

·        Removable Dentures

These are not fixed in the mouth. You can remove these dentures after they are made for you.

These are made of three materials: plastic-based, flexible plastic-based and metal-based. Of these, all three professionals say that metal-based removable dentures are more durable. Also, you can have partially or fully removable dentures depending on your mouth’s need and type.

·        Permanent Dentures

As the name suggests, these dentures are permanently fixed into our mouths. You cannot remove those dentures once the dentist fixes these dentures into your mouth. You can treat them as your natural teeth and not remove them from your mouth to brush them. Ceramic material permanent dentures are popular.