Meet Your Commercial Needs In Thailand’s Heart!

The requirement for office spaces has been on the rise recently. Individuals and organizations have constantly been juggling between improving the old office spaces or buying a new ones.

With a broad vision of being the leading office space building, CW Tower Thailand offers beautiful spaces for offices on rent. They have a purpose of being omitted to the service excellence to help and support the various business operations in the country.

Why Enhancing The Commercial Needs With CW Tower Thailand Is Worth It?

In the heart of Ratchada, the CW tower has utilized all the principles and norms of the building management system. The brand has evolved on multiple levels with highly efficient and customer-focused amenities.

They are experts in providing excellent services and facilities with various facilities such as safety, convenience, and suitability. Along with suitable modern lifestyles and luxury, they are fully equipped with retail shops, restaurants, and various other services.

The Design Idea Behind The Construction Of CW Tower Thailand

Due to its status as an office building, the tower reflects abundance and wealth. Looking at its gigantic and attractive design, the sustainability and appearance of the tower are magnificent. The interior of the building has a subtle design and detailing to it, which provides a soothing vibe to the visitors.

It showcases itself as a symbol of growth, beauty, warmth, and being as natural as it can be in business facilities. Being situated in Ratchada, the operations and working can attain their full potential from the location.

The Extravagant Location And Facilities Of The Tower

Being located near BTS, the tower is divided into two separate wings. Tower A consists of 51 floors, whereas tower B consists of 46 floors and a podium of 6 floors. The office rental space of 74,061 square meters is made available for individuals or organizations, with a retail area of 6,420 square meters.

The Various Amenities This Exclusive Office Building Offers, Such As:

  • A green area in front of the building.
  • High-end security system all over.
  • A high-security car parking area for the visitors and users.
  • Spacious passenger elevators.
  • A large and comfortable conference room.

They also provide services for pickup points for product delivery shops and service shops like Food Street.


Prioritizing the quality of life over anything is what CW tower aims to provide everyone. A vision of being the best and accomplishing the dream with modern facilities is the best in the world for the users.