How to Get 24/7 Instant Alerts on Your Kids’ Activities

Smartphones are so much famous among many children. Today’s kids can survive without food but can not live a second if you ground their cell phones. Internet is oxygen for many teens. They have to be in touch with the world to update their status on social media to tell them what they are up to. But the biggest issue with the online era is that it comes with cons. If there is full of online information and study data provided, then the internet also has harmful or adult content that can influence your child badly.

Children want 24/7 instant alert supervision which you can not provide them. You have no idea what they are watching alone on their phone. Thanks to technology, now there are many top spy apps that you can use to monitor updates on the digital activities of your children. You can not only spy on all their social apps, but you also have the option to block or restrict content. It is an easy way to control their screen timing. You can set a timer that can lock the screen automatically.

How to Get 24/7 Instant Alerts on Your Kids’ Activities?

There are these best top spy apps you can use to get 24/7 instant alerts of your children for their safety.


If you want to control all their phones or spy when you are not with them. Then you have to go for TheWispy it is easy to use, and their app is one of my all-time favorites. The main reason is that my kids have tried many times but are always so confused about how our father knows everything about us. They try to uninstall but never succeed, making TheWispy my favorite. Like other spy apps, you get all features, location tracker, instant notification on app activities, and social media alerts. They also have web history control, which helps you track their search or visited websites remotely.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Call Recording App
  • You Can Hear the Surrounding Voices
  • Track All Social Media Messages


  • Not Available for iPhone
  • No Keylogger Available

Your search was finished if you are searching for the best parental control app. You can use the demo of TheWiSpy after that, you have to pay $5.99 for their basic, which has only limited features, but I recommend you go for premium for 6 months which costs you $99.99, or you can buy a premium on $33.99. My favorite feature of TheWiSpy is its 24/7 instant alert, which you can use for location-based alerts when your kids are late or not in school at school time. If they take the wrong turn, you can get an instant alert which is the best feature for your children’s safety.

Norton Family

This family protection app is making a significant impact on the life of parents. You can easily monitor your children’s digital activities with the help of this app. Norton Family comes with those features which every parent dreams of; you can control their screen time, social media, call text messages or track location. It is easy to keep track of your target device with the help of spy apps. You can use many features to save your children from being poisonous on the internet.


  • You Can Block Contacts
  • Instant Alerts on Text or Calls
  • Support Location Changes
  • Screen Time Reminder


  • Not Available for Mac
  • Limited Features for Ios

You can use this parental control app at $49.99 per year. It is budget-friendly, but the biggest issue is its lack of features. It’s some features glitch, and their social media monitoring is worst. If you want only website control, then go for it; otherwise, use others from the list. My favorite feature is school time which is the most used feature in the pandemic. It blocks everything on the kid’s phone during online class time.


mSpy is also a parental control app that can track all kids’ activities on their cell phones. You can track their location or any block contact, or, like all other apps, they have instant, 24/7 updates of kids’ digital activities. It works in the background of the target phone, which transfers all their data without informing them. Same as others, mSpy also has cons and pros.


  • Read Messages and Texts Which Your Kids Send
  • Block Calls
  • Track Location
  • Compatible With Both Android and Ios
  • User-Friendly Dashboard


  • You Should Jailbreak on IPHONE
  • One Device From One Plan
  • Filter Collected Data Is Tough

If we talk about price like others, they have different plans. Their cost is higher than other top spy apps. This doesn’t make sense, and that’s why they are not my first choice because they are not giving any other feature than most parental app. mSpy premium starts from $69.99 per month, and after discount, its price becomes $48.99. They cast you $199.92 for a yearly plan. My favorite feature is its only instant notification on app activities, which helps you save your kids.

My Verdict

We should be thankful for these apps, which help monitor or update our kids’ digital activities. 24/7 instant alerts are one of the best features in these top spy apps, which enables you to keep track of your target device. All these apps work silently on the target device’s background, which helps you track all their activities. If you make up your mind to buy any of these spy apps, then don’t take tension about your data. They have all their data protection policy which saves all your information.

You can also use these apps on your spouse, which tell you about all their information. Where a free tracking app only tells you about the location, you can enjoy other features with these too.