Do You Know You Can Be More Beautiful With A Simple Eye Surgery?

The eye is an indispensable part of our body. No wonder it is called the “window to the world” as we watch and grasp many things with our eyes. You must be aware that whenever you meet anyone, your eyes are the ones to interact with confidence. That leads us to have our eyes look bright and beautiful. Lovely eye – eye surgery clinic (หมอ ทำ ตา สอง ชั้น Lovely Eye, which is the term in Thai) will help you to have the most beautiful eyes.

Is It Required?

People from Thailand have thick eyelids naturally. Drooping eyelids are a natural feature of Thai people that gives a sleepy look. The thick eyelids may also affect the vision, limiting the full functionality of the eyes. The sagging eyelids display a shabby look to the face. That’s why everyone longs to have bright eyes resulting in a smart appearance, which helps them to act confidently. The Lovely eye – eye surgery clinic has all the solutions to remove the thick eyelids and beautify your eyes with double eyelid surgery.

Let’s look for whom the double eyelid surgery is suitable.

For Whom Is Double Eyelid Surgery Suitable?

Double eyelid surgery can be recommended for people having the following eye characteristics/problems:

  • The individuals that have single eyelids and want to have double eyelids.
  • Having drooping eyes and uneven eye layers.
  • Individuals have uneven issues with both eyes.
  • Anyone with ptosis, eyelid fat, excess eyelid.
  • Having weak eye muscles and sleepy and puffy eyes.

What Do You Get With Double Eyelid Surgery?

In this surgery, the operation is performed on the upper eyelid, and excess fat gets removed from the eyelids. The eye layer is sewed later to complement the eye structure and face shape to make it stand out and look attentive and bright, adding charm to the face.

In addition, it corrects anomalies in the eyelid area like unequal eyes, dropping and sagging eyelids, extra eyelids, etc. This all results in bringing confidence to your face and within you.


Sagging or drooping eyelids give a feeling of sleepiness, and often people perceive it as the person isn’t attentive or dull. For people with thick eyelids, The Lovely eye – eye surgery clinic comes as a boon to offering double eyelid surgery to beautify the eyes.

Before you decide to have double eyelid surgery, it’s essential to consult your doctor and have a brief understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the surgery. In addition, it would be advisable to get info on what care to take before and after the surgery.