A New Way Of Protecting The Environment And Also Providing Comfort

The advancement of many industries leads to global warming, due to which yearly temperature increases a little. The effects of global warming can lead us to destructive situations where there will be drought, flooding, earthquakes, uninvited storms, and many disasters. So these days, only some people have become aware and are trying to use the renewal resources. So as we the using AC or the pollution from cars causes the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane.

So to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases, a heat pump system (ระบบฮีทปั๊ม, which is the term in Thai) was introduced to scientists to help the environment. This technology is usually used in offices, hotels, restaurants, or sports playgrounds. So it generates hot water for taking a shower or cleaning the accessories or equipment before cooking or surgery. So you don’t need to heat the water separately; it will fall automatically from the tap. It saves a lot of electricity, and the machine does not emit harmful gases, so it’s eco–friendly.

Parts Of The Heat Pump System

  • Compressor
  • Evaporator
  • Condenser
  • Expansion Of Valve

When the machine starts, it accumulates the heat outside to produce hot water. Now, the refrigerant begins acting after receiving the hot air from outside and increases the temperature. After that, they will try to get in touch with the water and turn it hot to make it usable. Now the heat pump system saves electricity, and its cycle can be reversed in the month of summer, and it will act like an air conditioner.

It is mainly seen in the UK as their people are too conscious about their environment and need it primarily because of the cold weather for more than half of the year. You don’t have to take excellent care of them; they will work automatically and also have great longevity.

Now, apart from the benefits, there are also a few detrimental things about it as:

  • It is hard to install because of its structure if you don’t have enough space. So primarily, it is used in condominiums, hotels, and hospitals because of the area.
  • It is a bit costly as well; it depends on how long you will use it in a day, so keeping that in mind, you have to spend that much penny.
  • Special permission must be required from the government before installing a heat pump.

There are several types of heat pumps with different functionality, and commonly, the cost will vary, but every heat pump’s main reason is to see the environment and the people happy.