A Healthy Environment Ensures A Brighter And Healthier Future For The World

Our world is made up of a beautiful environment, without which it will turn into a barren land. A healthy environment helps us to maintain our good shape. So, it’s our responsibility to preserve the biodiversity of our planet. There are many challenges that the environment is facing that lead us to Save the world save the environment (รักษ์ โลก รักษ์ สิ่งแวดล้อม, which is the term in Thai) to maintain the ecosystem.

How Is The Environment Affected?

The environment is getting affected in many ways,

Firstly, many trees are shed these days to build colossal apartments or try to build an enormous shopping mall. They disrupt the natural habitat, and the air becomes more toxic as no trees are there to maintain the pollution.

Secondly, throwing plastics and emission of carbon waste from factories is hampering the water bodies. Water animals are affected; sometimes, the water becomes so toxic that fish run out of breath. Sometimes, due to lack of food, they are eating plastic, which results in their death or the severe ailment for the one who is consuming it.

Thirdly, due to pollution, many of us, especially the kids, suffer from respiratory problems, leading to various skin issues.

What Are Its Consequences?

So, if the environment is disrupted, the climate will change drastically and be unbearable for all. Also, crops will dry out or get wasted due to drought or heavy rains. Similarly, by hampering the water bodies, the one who drinks water directly from a river or pond will get seriously affected; on the other hand, there will be nothing to eat.

What Are The Remedies?

So the government has taken a lot of initiatives to Save the world, save the environment by taking control of this challenging situation, by introducing various cars whose fumes are not harmful to the environment and also putting restrictions on cutting down trees otherwise legal actions are to be taken. These days, factories don’t drain out their toxic waste in the water bodies, and in many countries, plastic is banned, and paper bags are used to minimize the effect.


Abroad, people maintain all the rules and keep the environment safe and healthy. So, we take outstanding care of ourselves to keep glowing and radiant. Similarly, we must take excellent care of the environment to save the world and maintain biodiversity.