3 Tips That Will Help You To Learn Horse Riding

Will this be your initial attempt to learn horse riding? Since you’re preparing to mount a massive, sentient creature, it makes sense if you’re nervous.

Therefore, it is crucial to learn to ride with the assistance of a trained instructor. They can provide you with the support and confidence you need to feel safe and at ease on your initial rides, as well as practical guidance on how to get started. That is logical, as everyone must begin as a novice before becoming an expert. They will comprehend your situation and provide sound counsel.

Because you cannot learn horse riding [เรียน ขี่ ม้า, which is the term in Thai] in a single class, a horseback riding holiday is one of the greatest (and most enjoyable) ways to begin. You will have many chances to improve your riding skills, get to know your horse, make new friends, and see a foreign country (or your own) in a new way.

Before going on their first equestrian vacation, here are three things a new rider can do to look like they have more experience:

●   Prepare For Horseback Riding By Dressing Adequately.

Miniskirts, shorts, and sandals are inappropriate attire for equestrian riding events, whether you like English or Western riding. For horseback riding, you must wear long pants and sturdy footwear. To prevent your feet from slipping between the stirrups, you should wear low-heeled boots with heels no higher than 1 to 1.5 inches (2.5-4 cm). However, any pair of shoes with closed toes will suffice.

You should not wear a scarf or carry a bag that could get trapped on the saddle, bushes, or trees while riding a horse. When riding a motorbike, it is strongly advised that you always wear a helmet.

●   Ask For Permission From Your Riding Buddy

Remember that your horse is a real creature, not a machine. It is also possible that the horse feels terrified, nervous, or exhausted from being ridden by a stranger. When you first encounter your horse at the ranch, greet him to set the tone for a positive relationship.

Extend your arm forward and let your horse smell the back of your hand. When he touches it with his nose, he is saying “Hello.” The “horseman’s handshake” is a straightforward approach to requesting permission to mount the subject.

●   Keep Your Eyes On The Road At All Times.

Do not solely concentrate on the horse in front of you. Regardless of how adorable he is, you cannot take your eyes off the road. Always remember this saying, “You wouldn’t want to ride in a car with someone who is so preoccupied with the engine that they ignore the road.”

Consider the above-said quote from the perspective of a horse to learn horse riding. If you maintain proper posture and focus on the road, you should be alright.